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Talk to the Aminals Mr. Owl Wake & Bake Set

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Rise and shine campers! It’s time to wake up! With your favorite mug and pipe. In this set you get one handmade Talk to the Animals Owl Espresso Cup, and one Owl chillum. 

Simply place your dry material in the small bowl and you're ready to go. The bowl size isn't too big or too small. Allowing you to get the maximum burn from your dry material. Perfect for travel as it fits in your pocket.

Each pipe is handmade with love and care. Each bowl is hand formed and each hole is created by hand. The decorations are a mixture of handprinted images and vintage 1970s English decals. Meticulously applied by hand. Our pipes are fired 4 times to achieve their distinctive feel and look. They reach a top temperature of 2300F so they are made to last. They can be cleaned like any glass pipe.

•18+ This pipe is designed for legal use only. It is your responsibility to check your local laws in regards to the use of this product, and the shipment of this piece.

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