Baked in VT

Linda's Ceramic Pipe

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Who doesn't like to kick back with a sweet pipe and binge on their favorite show?! It's simply the best. But what's even better is when your pipe matches your show. Bobs fandom fans rejoice!! We love them you love them! Hand thrown in sections on the potters wheel.  This pipe is a super smooth big hitter. Most people find they can take larger puffs with a ceramic pipe. Plus it feels great in your hand. This pipe was hand thrown on the potters wheel and baked 3 times in our ovens. The images are drawn by hand on the computer and then manipulated and applied by hand. It's a true one- of functional work of art.You can use it with a screen or without. if you're looking for a truly awesome smoking experience this pipe is for you. Tabacco pipe. 18+ only. This is not a water pipe.

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